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Flatter Tummy and Better Digestion

Oxytarm Enzymes for better digestion, immunity & flatter tummy!

What Are Oxytarm Enzymes?
Each capsule contains natural vegetable enzymes extracted from 28 fruits and vegetables.

How Does Oxytarm Enzymes Help Me?
Oxytarm Enzymes are made from three patented ingredients
Helps To Improve Digestion: It is a complete enzyme and lactic acid bacteria complex
Aids In The Evacuation Of Bowels: Also contains magnesium
Regulates stomach and helps push nutrients into cells and draw wastes out of cells.
Creates balance in your gastrointestinal tract
Contributes to a well-functioning colon: Contains a broad spectre of good lactic acid bacteria
Enzymes are available in the food we eat but many argue that the current processing of food removes or reduces these essential enzymes.

TIP: When the body is not able to digest food because of the lack of essential enzymes, the body uses immunity cells to digest food. This means that the immune system will not be as effective in keeping sickness at bay since its resources are being used for digestion. By using Oxytarm Enzymes to aid in digestion, immunity is maintained and improved as the immune cells will not be summoned to digest food.

Suitable For:
Addressing digestive ailments.
E.g. Indigestion
Common symptoms of indigestion include:
Bloating, flatulence, loose stools, diffused abdominal pain, heartburn, food allergy and food intolerance.

NOTE: Bloating after eating usually means ingestion of food that is unsuitable for the body.


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